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A new low-emission vehicle fleet for Longwood Engineering

Here at Longwood Engineering, we are committed to minimising the impact that our operations have on the environment, whilst increasing the efficiency of our maintenance, installation and site visits. That’s why we decided recently to invest in three new Ford Transit vans which will help to improve efficiency and reduce our carbon emissions.

The vans will be used for site visits, installation and maintenance work so if one of our engineers visits your site, you have peace of mind that the impact their journey has on the environment has been minimised.

The three new Ford Transit vans joining our fleet will also make our service on site quicker and more efficient.  Thanks to a larger load space, a cargo capacity of up to 2.3 tonnes and easier unloading and loading, we can now handle greater loads on site.

Our staff have already been raving about the new vans and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the reduced emissions and enhanced service when we’re on your site. Keep an eye out for the new fleet; you’ll certainly know when we’ve  arrived thanks to the stand-out branded design.