The Escalator is yet another Longwood performance leader. Relied on by the UK’s largest inlet works, 95% of the 1500 Escalator units installed since 1993 are still in operation.

  • WIMES 5.03 Compliant
  • average screenings capture ratio at 79% (independent NSTF testing).
  • low or zero wash water requirements
  • reduces your TOTEX
  • mild or stainless steel construction available
  • Self-adjusting brush
  • channel or steel tank mounting

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An Escalator is a fine mesh sieve (continuous band screen) which is inserted into a channel of waste water normally at 45 or 60 degree angles. The waste water flows through the screen and sieves out solids (screenings) using perforations of either 6mm as standard or 3mm as an option. Screenings larger than these perforations will be caught on the screen elements which also act as a conveyer and escalate the screenings up and out of the water. The screenings are deposited out of a discharge chute into a trough and are taken to a screenings handling unit such as the Combi or Rotapak.

Bespoke Longwood Products

Bespoke Longwood Products

Our products are manufactured to sizes specific to each application. We do, however, modify our designs to fit a wide range of water treatment applications. Longwood Engineering have manufactured products suitable for diverse industries such as whisky distilleries and abattoirs.

Our innovative, design led manufacturing enables us to provide these kinds of bespoke solutions with speed, efficiency and flexibility for a range of markets. Why not contact us through the contact form or call us on 01484 424545 to discuss your project.