The three-in-one Combi-Wash washes, dewaters and compacts screenings from 2D screens.

  • WIMES 6.03 Compliant
  • designed and tested to meet Government directives on treated screenings disposal
  • handles laundered screenings directly or supports conveyed screens with an additional water input
  • small footprint and inlet heights give excellent installation flexibility
  • normal screenings handling up to 8m3/hr
  • storm screenings handling over 12m3/hr

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The Combi-Wash/250/400/800 are machines that have three tasks to perform, washing, dewatering and compacting of screenings. After the solids (screenings) have been separated from the waste water via a screen they are channelled into a screenings handling unit such as a Combi. These screenings are often wet wipes, plastics and other none bio-degradable items. The screenings are washed and the output from these screenings increase the return of biological content to the incoming sewer flow which helps the process further down the line. The screenings are then dewatered and compacted into solid blocks which are then collected into skips and processed.

Bespoke Longwood Products

Bespoke Longwood Products

Our products are manufactured to sizes specific to each application. We do, however, modify our designs to fit a wide range of water treatment applications. Longwood Engineering have manufactured products suitable for diverse industries such as whisky distilleries and abattoirs.

Our innovative, design led manufacturing enables us to provide these kinds of bespoke solutions with speed, efficiency and flexibility for a range of markets. Why not contact us through the contact form or call us on 01484 424545 to discuss your project.