The market leader in package plant screening for small works.

  • WIMES 5.03 Compliant
  • independent (NSTF) performance tests show screenings capture ratio of 76%
  • zero wash water requirement
  • combines screening and screenings handling in one unit
  • ‘plug and play’ option, complete with controls and tank
  • ‘build off-site’ option
  • mild or stainless steel

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An Elevator screen is a vertical fine band screen set into a channel of flowing waste water. It is aptly called an Elevator due to the way it works by using a continuous band of screen elements which rotate in one direction. These elements (individual screens tied together) have tines (fingers) on them which catch the screenings and elevates them vertically to a discharge chute. The screenings are then treated by an integrated compaction section by compacting them into solid blocks and discharging them into skips. Liquids return to the incoming flow upstream of the Elevator.

Bespoke Longwood Products

Bespoke Longwood Products

Our products are manufactured to sizes specific to each application. We do, however, modify our designs to fit a wide range of water treatment applications. Longwood Engineering have manufactured products suitable for diverse industries such as whisky distilleries and abattoirs.

Our innovative, design led manufacturing enables us to provide these kinds of bespoke solutions with speed, efficiency and flexibility for a range of markets. Why not contact us through the contact form or call us on 01484 424545 to discuss your project.