With a design heavily influenced by our customers, the Stormguard outclasses all competitors in UKWIR tests (63% capture ratio).

  • weir-mounted
  • the perfect fit available for your site
  • available complete with controls
  • 6mm perforated band screen keeps screenings in foul flow
  • stainless steel 304L or 316L construction available
  • WIMES 5.04 Compliant

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A StormGuard is a horizontal fine screen which is used in storm conditions and sieves out flow as it rises through the screen. The debris and solids are filtered by preventing them from flowing into rivers and streams. The StormGuard is often installed in a storm chamber underground. The screenings are kept within the ‘foul side’ of the channel therefore keeping the storm-water debris free as it flows into the river.

Stormguard | Longwood Engineering
Bespoke Longwood Products

Bespoke Longwood Products

Our products are manufactured to sizes specific to each application. We do, however, modify our designs to fit a wide range of water treatment applications. Longwood Engineering have manufactured products suitable for diverse industries such as whisky distilleries and abattoirs.

Our innovative, design led manufacturing enables us to provide these kinds of bespoke solutions with speed, efficiency and flexibility for a range of markets. Why not contact us through the contact form or call us on 01484 424545 to discuss your project.