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Longwood Engineering takes your privacy online seriously and we are committed to protecting all information we hold. We will not store or pass on your personal details such as your name or address to any third party without your consent.

Legal Disclaimer
In the unlikely event that we have evidence to suggest legal action is necessary to be taken against you for example to assist with a court order or legal process we may need to disclose personal information as required by law.

Checking your details
By law, you have the right to access any personal information held by Longwood Engineering. If you wish to view or edit any details that you have submitted you are able to do so by contacting Our security procedures however, may mean that we ask to see proof of identity before any information is revealed or edited. There may also be a small fee to cover any costs that may occur in obtaining this information.

Third Party Websites may contain links to other websites such as our partners & clients, for example. Please be aware that these websites will have their own privacy policies in place and you are therefore advised to check these policies before submitting personal information.

Statistical Analysis
When you visit we may gather anonymous data from your browsing session such as your access times, browser and click activity. This data can not be tracked back to you and will be used solely for improving the website and to ensure the best user experience possible for our customers.

To improve the user experience, we use cookies to store information in your web browser. On returning to our website in the future, the cookie will retrieve information previously inputted such as your name or email address. These cookies are completely harmless and cannot carry viruses or store malware onto a user’s computer. If you have opted for your browser to reject cookies this information will not be stored and you will need to enter these details manually each time you enter our website. You can also clear your browser history at any time.

Intellectual property rights
The website contains a number of elements that are the exclusive property of Longwood Engineering Co. This includes but is not limited to; trademarks, texts, logos, illustrations, legal names, products and any other material used on the Longwood Engineering website. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, adapt or modify any part of this material or disclose to a third party without prior authorisation from Longwood Engineering Co. Failing to abide by this may lead to criminal prosecution.

Contacting Us
We welcome all feedback from our customers and constantly work to improve the user experience of our website. If you have any questions regarding Longwood Engineering, you can contact us via our contact form call us on 
01484 424545

Or, write to us at:

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